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XAP - Xcelerated Action Program for new and aspiring women managers
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Our accelerated program boosts women’s confidence, courage and clarity along with key business skills, by using practical action steps in a relaxed setting, to get results quickly.

Hear from our students:

The timing is ripe for a program like this. - FORBES

XAP - The Program





It’s the combo of having a career coach, motivational speaker and a source of practical advice for business, all rolled into one.

It also allows you to leverage the experience, feedback and support of everyone else, which makes it even more powerful.”

Lesli Ann Agcaoili

Tesla Motors, Senior Design Quality

You need to take this course, it will change your life.”

Marisa Fontin


It really works!”

Kathleen Finnegan

President, Insurance Agency




Learn how to get focused and get past what’s holding you back in your career

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Week 1: Be Unstoppable

  • Develop an ACTION MINDSET for success

  • Learn Top 10 things holding women back today
  • Learn how to push past fear and doubts that hold you back
  • Learn a framework for how to take action and get results
  • Dream Big and get focused on what you want
Week 2: Set 90-Day Goals

  • Learn where your time is going and how to be more productive

  • Identify 1-3 goals to work on over the next 90 days
  • Learn the B-SASi method of goal setting
  • Learn practical strategies to get past obstacles when you get stuck
Week 3: Get Focused

  • Create a “30-second pitch” to deliver to the class

  • Use the B-SASi goal method to plan out your action steps for the next two weeks
  • Finalize your time-study results
  • Exercises about creating work you love
  • Determine one strategy to be more productive
  • Put that strategy in place over the next week
Week 4: Get Clear on Your Value

  • Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset to solve problems in the Innovation Economy
  • Learn how to create your Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Understand your unique strengths and value
  • Create your action steps for the next two weeks
  • Progress on your goals


  • a process to push past fear and doubts and get results
  • a system for how to set and reach your goals
  • how to focus on actions that get results
  • how to get unstuck and how to turn ideas into action
  • how to work in sprints (like developers do) for faster results
  • how to identify your strengths and skills
  • how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to solve problems from a new perspective
  • You will complete Action Sheets and videos on:

    • Goal Setting
    • Time Management/Analysis
    • Productivity Tools
    • Exercises to develop your confidence, skills, strengths and more


Learn the basics of Communication, Financials, Negotiations and Sales

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Week 1: Own the Room

  • Tools to develop your executive presence 

  • Learn practical communication strategies for meetings and presentations
  • Assessment of how you are being perceived now; know your value
  • Role-Playing scenarios
  • Check-in on goals and action steps
Week 2: Know the Numbers

  • Get comfortable with the financials of a business – explained in plain language

  • Learn your money mindset and how it impacts your actions
  • Learn how your role impacts the company’s bottom line
  • Overview of financial basics in a business (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Profit Margin)
  • Action Sheets to figure out profit margin, revenue and more
Week 3: Negotiate Like a Pro

  • Learn to Ask, Get comfortable with negotiating

  • Develop your negotiation skills
  • Practical scripts and strategies to use while negotiating a new job, raise, salary adjustment, vendor discussions and more
  • Role-playing
  • Check-in on goals and action steps


Week 4: Sell it

  • Learn basic sales skills

  • Understand who your customer is and what problem you are solving
  • Move from a selling to a solving mindset
  • Ask for the order
  • Write a 30-second pitch that articulates your value


  • how to “own the room” in a meeting; how to speak up and be heard
  • how to negotiate better (job offers, salary negotiations, vendors)
  • how to develop your executive presence
  • where you offer the most value to an organization
  • how to understand basic financials of a company

You will complete Action Sheets and videos on: 

  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiations
  • Finance Basics
  • Business Models
  • Sales skills
  • Role-playing

How Does It Work?

Workshop + Online Group Sessions + Retreat + Follow-up

1. It starts with an interactive Leadership Workshop at your organization, for wide impact and engagement.

2. We meet with managers to discuss goals of the program.

3. A smaller cohort of women continue in the online XAP.

4. Online students get a weekly email with action tasks.

5. Material is hosted on a private website and there is a private Facebook group to connect, ask questions, share resources.

6. There are 8 Weekly Online Group Sessions, 7-8 pm EST, to review material, meet guest speakers, stay motivated and accountable. Students can call in from anywhere.

7. There is an optional Graduation Retreat in the Boston area and a 6-month follow-up.

8. We do a follow-up online session with managers to help them keep the momentum going for their employees.

She’ll make you look good! - KPMG

“Erin’s engaging style, practical tips and interactive presentation was a huge success. People loved her and the energy in the room was amazing. She’ll make you look good!” – Zara Muradali, Partner, KPMG

The program is taught by Erin McCormick, Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UMass Boston and former Director, Curriculum Innovation and Technology at Babson College.

She was a former CIO, has started three companies and author of Year of Action: How to Stop Waiting & Start Living Your BIG, Fabulous Life.


FACULTY DIRECTOR                                                      


Online group sessions include insights and Q&A with industry experts. Past experts include author and marketing guru Seth Godin, Google exec Emily Ma, and Cornell/Stanford d.school’s, Tracy Brandenburg.

Students can also access the video library of past experts.

HOW MUCH TIME DOES XAP TAKE?                                           


Estimate 2-3 hours a week – which includes 1-2 hours of work and 1 hour for the weekly call. Plus, the work can be completed in short bursts of time.

Students who complete the program receive a certificate from the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, UMass Boston College of Management. 

There is also a 6-month follow up to check in and help you keep the momentum going.

Graduates are invited to a Saturday Retreat in the Boston area. Standard and premium retreat options are available.













Let’s inspire & ignite the talent of women in your organization.  To get started, contact: programs@yearofaction.com