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Key Principals of Social Learning

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Students want to :

  1. Connect
  2. Communicate
  3. Collaborate:
  •  strong commitment to community building , helping the faculty create collaborate environment. So instructructional designers would do:  How do you ask questions, how do you inspire dialogue.
  • Used social learning constructs. activities were social activities- what the students can share with one another, and what faculty can share with students.
  •  Ease of accessing streams of content and new info and ease of contributing info
Academic engagement Network  goingon.com
  • my dashboard-activity streams, my content, notification and feeds
  • my communities: programs workgroups, social classrooms, student cooperatives, clubs and associations
  • my channels and feeds: announcements, news and events SIS data, web resources
  • my academic identity
If we build it, will they come:
  1. remember fundamentals: domain community and practice. Think participant goals first, institutional goals second
  2. Design for growth: create flexible goals and tools at any pace. Build aspects that promote new differentiate activities
  3. Build Critical mass: involve key participants earl, pick strong projects that involve diverse participation, develop buy in quickly
  4. Develop permeable space, involve novice and experts, inside and outside constituents
  5. Make sure all participants derive value
  6. Everyone should see value in participation- focus groups
  7. Abide by community norms and foster trustAllow the community to develop its own policies and prococedures. allow the profile to move among communities.

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