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Massachusetts Statewide Coaching Collaborative: A Day of Learning and Networking

Teddy Kokoros, Project Director of The Statewide Professional Development Academy.

On Thursday, June 6, the Department of Early Education and Care hosted the Massachusetts Statewide Coaching Collaborative at their Central MA Office in Worcester. This event brought together over 60 early educators involved in various coaching initiatives across the state.

The day began with a warm welcome and networking breakfast followed by overviews of the Commonwealth Preschool Partnership Initiative, the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation, the Early Childhood Support Organizations, the Professional Development Centers, and the Pyramid Model.

Attendees then broke into five groups for in-depth discussions of:

  • Positive growth and outcomes observed in coached programs over the past year.
  • Challenges faced by programs and coaches in the past year.
  • Overlaps between different coaching initiatives.
  • Potential partnerships with other coaching initiatives in the state.
  • Questions and additional information needed to explore potential partnerships.

The event concluded with a large group discussion where each of the five groups shared their key takeaways back to the larger group. The wrap-up session allowed for a collective reflection on the day’s discussions and set the stage for future collaborations.

“The day was a platform for early educators to connect, share insights, and explore new partnerships,” said Teddy Kokoros, Project Director of The Statewide Professional Development Academy of Early Education Leaders, an Institute at UMass Boston. “The event underscored the importance of collaboration in driving positive outcomes for early childhood education programs across the state.”

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