The Portfolio

Throughout the DNP program, students will compile evidence of acquisition of the DNP essential competencies. Portfolios may include (but are not limited to) course papers, projects, internship journals and other sources of evidence of your scholarship and knowledge/skill acquisition.

Portfolios are set up in year 1 at orientation.   The portfolio is web based using Google and the student contributes completed assignments to it throughout the duration of the program of study. The DNP Internship course faculty (NU 717, 718, 719)  will advise students in the detailed formulation and updating of their portfolio. A completed portfolio is required to pass NU 773.

Once the student’s portfolio is established, he/she will add content throughout your program of study. Assignments that fulfill the DNP Essentials should be uploaded on your folder that corresponds to the proper DNP Essential. Upon graduation, your portfolio should be complete with course work that shows attainment of all DNP Essentials.