Overview of the DNP Scholarly Project

The DNP Capstone Scholarly Project is the culmination of the doctoral candidate’s engagement in the DNP program, and is expected to reflect the highest levels of nursing practice competencies. The project is practice focused, evidence-based and utilizes sound quality improvement methods. To be of quality worthy of the conferral of the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, in the choice and conduct of the Capstone Scholarly Project, the doctoral candidate must demonstrate:

  • Advanced clinical judgment, expertise, and specialization, which demonstrates synthesis and application of the DNP essentials.
  • Leadership and advanced levels of systems thinking and accountability in designing, implementing, and evaluating an evidence- based intervention/innovation that is responsive to a local health need and leads to improvement in health care quality, safety, cost or access.
  • Leadership in the development and implementation of patient-driven, institutional, local, state, federal and/or international health policy in a select content/specialty area.

Students work on the project throughout their program of study and are guided through the process during the DNP Seminar courses.