DNP Plan of Study

UMass Boston PM DNP Curriculum

The Basics

The new PM DNP Program is a 31 credit program designed for the working professional.  The program is 2 years in length and is considered part time.

But what if I want to do full time?

Due to the nature of the Capstone Scholarly Project, the program cannot be condensed to less than 2 years.  Courses may be taken over the summer and completed in less than 2 years, but the student cannot graduate until all coursework and the Capstone Scholarly Project is completed.

Do I need to come to campus at all?

All courses are online with additional live, online classes (most courses have 2-3 live class sessions per term) that are web based.

Due to the intense nature of the DNP Capstone Scholarly Project, the UMass DNP Program requires several campus visits throughout the program.  The dates of the campus visits are given far in advance (at admission and then 1 year in advance from there) to ensure all students have time to arrange life and work.  We strive to make these campus visits highly worthwhile and we have had consistently positive feedback on the value of these campus visits.

DNP Intensives (Campus visits)

  • Year 1 in early September for 2 days as an orientation to the program
  • Year 1 in May for 2 days in preparation for designing the DNP Capstone Scholarly Project
  • Year 2 in September/October for 1 day for an all day intensive to prepare the student to complete DNP Capstone Scholarly Project
  • Year 2 in April/May for 1 day for each student in the cohort to present and defend the Capstone Scholarly Project


Year 1 Fall

  • NU 765 Leadership (3)
  • NU 722 Quality (3)
  • NU 616 Evidenced Based Practice I (3)

Year 1 Spring

  • NU 715 Informatics (3)
  • NU 616 Evidence Based Practice II  (3)

Year 1 Summer

  • NU 618 Health Policy (3)
  • NU 717 DNP Seminar: Project Implementation (200hrs) (3)

Year 2 Fall

  • NU 718 DNP Seminar: Project Synthesis (100hrs) (2)
  • NU 735 Clinical Immersion (150Hrs) or *Elective (3)

Year 2 Spring

  • NU 719 DNP Seminar: Project Dissemination (100hrs) (2)
  • NU 745 Population Health (3)