PI: Albert B. Kao

Albert is fascinated by collective behavior of all kinds, but especially how social groups make decisions together. His research combines computational simulations, lab experiments, and field work.

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Postdoctoral researcher: Fritz Francisco

PhD student (Integrative Biosciences program): Shoubhik Banerjee

Shoubhik is interested in exploring leadership in animal groups and identifying situations that determine when group members choose to follow a group leader or not. He believes that this is crucial in understanding the workings of several socio-political systems and also in making better choices in our own lives.  To answer these questions, Shoubhik uses mathematical models, behavioral experiments, and spatio-temporal data. In addition to his scientific interests, he loves reading fantasy novels and playing the piano.

Undergraduate student: Benno Rodemann

Benno is a student interested in animal behavior with experience working with birds and Entomophthora. He is particularly interested in the communication and social lives of animals as well as the systems used to track animal behavior.

Undergraduate student: Tony Thang

Tony has an interest in zoology, with a focus on group social behavior. He hopes to pursue experiences in research to expand his interests and appreciation for biology.