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December 3, 2010
by The Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate and Security (CIOCS)

Keeping Up With Climate Talks in Cancun


Wondering how to keep up on the latest news from the 16th Climate Change Conference going on in Cancun? Check out these sites and feeds for the latest updates, videos and more from Cancun.

Visit the official COP16 website or follow @COP16 on Twitter for Conference updates and information. You can also visit the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change site for video feeds, news, and more. – an intiative by, tcktcktck, LinkTV,, Climate and Development Knowledge Network

Tcktcktck has also put together a Twitter news feed with updates from all those tweeting about #UNFCCC #Climate Talks in #Cancun Dec. 2010 #COP16. This feed involves updates from any Twitter user who updates using these tags, so you’ll get a variety of information from many sources. You can follow this news feed using your Twitter account.

These are just a few sources for keeping up with this year’s convention. Have we missed something? Let us know where you’re getting your info about COP16.

To get more info on events and other news, sign up for the CIOCS listserv by emailing


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