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Opportunities for Student Involvement at CIOCS


With the abrupt switch crisp fall weather, another reality hits UMass Boston: students are back on campus. For a growing institute like ours, the influx of students presents opportunities:

– to address our message to a new, academically and socially engaged audience

– to participate in exciting speaker-led events, like last night’s Joni Seager lecture sponsored by the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights

– to capitalize on the passions of UMass Boston students

– to utilize the talents (research, communications, field experience, and energy) of students who understand our mission and want to participate in the oceans, climate and security dialogue


The Collaborative Institute has distinct advantages in attracting and making use of student assistance: we literally (in the Venture Development Center at UMB) and figuratively (through dialogue and proposed projects) reside at the cutting edge of the cross-disciplinary research in science and policy.

If you are a student who would like to participate in the work of the Institute, please email



Author: The Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate and Security (CIOCS)

The Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate and Security is distinguished by its focus on the intersections of oceans, climate and security, and emerging associated policy and management implications. Founded at UMass Boston in January 2010, the Collaborative Institute exists to develop and communicate high-value intellectual, policy, and technical expertise to help stabilize the health of our atmosphere, coastal communities and marine ecosystems, and human/national security for all. It seeks on a global scale to create new strategic opportunities to bring innovation to science, policy and communications. Visionary, as well as opportunistic and flexible, the Collaborative Institute uses multi-sector engagement as a cornerstone of its work and uses public/private revenue to sustain its mission.

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