Revolutions Per Minute Fest 2021 (October 15-24)

We are deeply fortunate to have a new year of the Revolutions Per Minute Festival (RPM Fest), co-sponsored by UMass Boston cinema studies program, running ONLINE EVERY EVENING (except Tuesday 10/19, which is in-person at the Brattle Theatre) from Oct. 15 to Oct. 24. Please join us for one or more evenings of exciting programs of short form films made by enterprising artists from all over the world. Come for as many nights as you wish: it’s free and open to the public, so please spread the word!

A total of 69 short film and video pieces from 57 artists and 16 countries demonstrate artistic expressions and human emotion that reflect our time. The work ranges from 3D CGI animation to stop motion to hand processing, hand painted film and video art. The program blurs genres combining fiction and non-fiction. This year the festival is just one click away as screenings are happening online at (every night at 7:30PM (EST) from Oct.15 to 24th).

You also can participate in post screening Q&A through the built-in chat function. Each program will be moderated by RPM selection committee artists and scholars.

A few highlights:

Saturday, Oct. 16, 7:30 p.m.: RPM solo artist Janie Geiser is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes performance, film, installation, and visual art. Geiser’s work is known for its recontextualization of abandoned images and objects, its embrace of artifice, and its sense of suspended time. One of the pioneers of the renaissance of American avant-garde puppet theater, Geiser creates innovative, hypnotic performances and installations that integrate performing objects, puppets, and projection. She will be present for the Q&A after the screening of the films: do not miss it!

Tuesday, Oct. 19th, 7:30 p.m.: This year RPM is collaborating with the Brattle Theater for an in-person screening. A celebratory program of feminist filmmaker and pioneer of queer cinema, Barbara Hammer’s work, the program is curated by Prof. Keller. who will also introduce the program. Tickets are limited and vaccine proof is required to attend the screening at the Brattle Theatre.

And on closing night the video piece 167st, Bronx, is a historical documentation of early hip hop street jam of the early 80s. Filmmaker Robert Harris and Prof. Foster, the founder of the Massachusetts Hip-Hop Archive will have a conversation on filming and the archive.

For the full program visit the RPM website at

It is a very big deal that our campus is host for this ambitious festival. We hope to see you there!

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