Five “I, Tonya” Fun Facts

Written by: Jenna Moloney

  • Margot Robbie, despite playing the role of an Olympic figure skater, did not have much skating experience before accepting the role. Her experience included simply being a member of an amateur ice hockey team.
  • To make the skating scenes realistic, she trained with choreographer Sarah Kawahara. The triple axel, a trick that very few people can accomplish, was completed with the help of Computer Generated Imagery.
  • Tonya Harding, the actual figure skater whom the movie was based on, was a consultant on the film.
  • The screenwriter for the film, Steven Rogers, was a friend of Alison Janney, and wrote the part of LaVona Golden (Tonya Harding’s mother) with Janney in mind.
  • When the real Tonya Harding saw the film for the first time, she immediately told Margot Robbie that she loved the “suck my dick!” line and she wished she had actually said that.

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