Written by: Lorraine Kanyike

Viola Davis is my all-time favorite female actress. Choosing one specific actor to write about was difficult seeing as I have a lot of favorite actors and actresses, but I love Viola’s work for a variety of reasons. She is serious. She personalizes all of her roles so that the character is not only the character, but they have bits of her own personality. Since she is a camera actor, and I am also taking Acting for the Camera this semester, I enjoy Viola’s subtlety on screen; she never over exaggerates and really produces her best work 100% of the time. Every move she makes is purposeful and she actively pursues her objectives.

As a woman of color, specifically a Black woman, finding work is difficult. The effects of systemic racism and discrimination in Hollywood and on Broadway are constantly at play for actresses such as myself and Viola Davis. I wish to emulate her perseverance, for to be Black and to pursue a career in entertainment can be dangerous, and disheartening. I have always admired Davis’ confidence as well as her activism, and I would like to emulate her work ethic.

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