General resources and organizations related to critical and/or creative thinking

CCT Communities

CCT Network (archive of past events of the CCT program including current and prospective students and alums and wider community)

Tools and processes

Taking Yourself Seriously: Tools and Processes for Reflective Practice and Engagement
Liberating Structures
MindTools Tookkit for Creativity and Leadership
Waters Center – Thinking Tools Studio

Other academic or formal programs/institutions

The following are not affiliated with CCT but address themes of critical and creative thinking.

Buffalo State (SUNY) International Center for Studies in Creativity
University of Nebraska-Omaha Master’s Degree in Critical and Creative Thinking
The Foundation for Critical Thinking
UMass Amherst Center for Teaching and Learning / Contemplative Pedagogy

Various allied organizations and projects

Others focusing on supporting deep change in individuals, schools, organizations, and communities across education, arts and culture, sciences, activism, organizational leadership, family/community life, and other fields (organizations on this list are not formal partners with CCT but may be of interest to students and graduates).

East Side Institute
National Creativity Network
The Philosophy Foundation
Institute for Cultural Affairs
The SciArt Initiative
BUILD Boston
Ruling Our Experiences (ROX)
Praxis Center – Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership
Highlander Research and Education Center
Work that Reconnects
Greater Good Science Center
MIT Media Lab – Learning Creative Learning
Presencing Institute
Permaculture Research Institute
Zinn Education Institute
Creative Mornings
Post Carbon Institute
Cognitive Science Society
Waters Center for Systems Thinking
The Transition Network
The Capra Course (Fritjof Capra’s systems view of life)
League of Creative Interventionists
Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility
Project Zero – Harvard University