Information for Prospective Students

We welcome all inquiries about the program. Please refer to the Contact Us page to get in touch, as well as review the information below.

Official CCT pages on UMass web sites

Other options for applicants

  • Accelerated BA/MA program (allows students to start graduate courses toward CCT while undergraduate work is still in process, reducing overall total credits needed to earn both the bachelor’s and master’s degree.


  • Graduate Admissions requirements and steps. Requirements for CCT generally match standard requirements for Graduate Admissions, noting that:
    • GRE/test scores are not requested for CCT
    • Two letters of recommendation are required, but three are encouraged if your letters do not include one from a university faculty who can comment on your academic experience.
  • Any applicants to the Graduate Certificate who anticipate considering continuing to the MA later should initially apply directly to the MA program. The application requirements are the same for both, and it is much easier to change from the MA to the Certificate later than to move from the Certificate to the MA.
  • Additional information for international applicants
  • Application Deadlines: July 1 for fall matriculation; December 1 for spring matriculation

Other notes, pointers, and resources

  • Up to two courses may be taken as a non-degree student before applying, and these are automatically counted toward the degree once matriculated.
  • Students may transfer up to 6 credits from other universities, as long as they were earned in the last 7 years, were not used for another degree, and where the student earned a grade of B or better. Students may transfer up to an additional 6 credits from courses taken within the UMass system universities outside of UMass Boston.
  • The UMass Boston Graduate Catalog contains information on all official policies and expectations of graduate students.
  • Critical and Creative Thinking Program Student Handbook (see link on the home page)
  • Set up an appointment to talk with CCT program staff
  • See dates for upcoming information sessions (when scheduled)

Reflections on the CCT experience