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As you may know, Boston faces a serious dilemma with sea level rise, and is one of the American cities predicted to be most affected by rising water levels.  Read this article from WBUR for more information on Boston and sea level rise. 

Recently, the UMass Boston Sustainable Solutions Lab, a cross department and interdisciplinary collaboration among the schools of UMass Boston, released a report titled Feasibility of Harbor-wide Barrier Systems Preliminary Analysis for Boston Harbor.  Dr. Mark Borrelli of The CaPE Lab is one of the authors of this report.

The key recommendation of the report urges the City of Boston to focus on shore based solutions.

You can download the report below, and check out the UMass Boston News article on this report.

Report: Feasibility of Harbor-wide Barrier Systems

UMass Boston News:  UMass Bostons Report: Boston Harbor Barrier Costs Would Outweigh the Benefits

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