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Recently, Mark Borrelli was interviewed by NPR's "Living on Earth" podcast regarding the ongoing issue of bluff erosion in Nantucket's village of Siasconset.  In the interview, he draws attention to the massive quantity of kinetic energy that waves contain as they crash against shores:

Follow the link below if you would like to read the transcript for this episode of Living on Earth.

As Sea Levels Rise, Nantucket Shores Up Crumbling Beaches

A large nor'easter on January 4th dumped three things on Bostonians and other Massachusetts residents: 13 inches of snow; the highest tide recorded in Boston in nearly a century; and the fanciful word 'bombogenesis' into our vocabularies.

The storm that buried most of inland Massachusetts coincided with a high tide, only 2 days past the full moon.  Storm surge was very high and flooding was an issue for many Cape towns.  Read the Cape Cod Times' story on the flooding, which features quotes from Mark Borrelli, director of the seafloor mapping program at PCCS.

Below, you can listen to the WBUR news clip, featuring Mark's thoughts on coastal resilience and flooding.

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