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About Us

The Coastal Processes and Ecosystems Laboratory (CaPE Lab) is a joint research effort between the School for the Environment (SFE) within the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston) and the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

The CaPE Lab is made up of scientists, technicians, engineers, graduate and undergraduate students interested in better understanding the links between physical processes and coastal ecosystems, particularly within a regime of climate change, sea level rise and increasing anthropogenic pressures.

The Lab is focused primarily on applied research with societal implications but also conducts basic research in the fields of sediment transport, coastal evolution, benthic ecology, as well as other phenomena and features at the marine/terrestrial interface. See our staff here. Check us out on facebook here!

Dr. Mark Borrelli is the Director of the CaPE Lab. Dr. Borrelli joined the Center for Coastal Studies in 2009 and is an Associate Scientist. He directs their seafloor mapping program and is the Chair of the Center’s Marine Geology Department. Dr. Borrelli has been Research Faculty at UMass Boston since 2010.

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