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SonarWiz Donates Software for Graduate Student

Chesapeake Technology International has graciously donated a full processing license for their industry leading, sonar data processing software, SonarWiz, for the summer of 2021 to Bryan McCormack, a graduate student in the Coastal Processes and Ecosystems Lab (CaPE Lab). Bryan will be using this software to look at ways in which the data from a Phase-Measuring Sidescan Sonar, the Edgetech 6205, can be used to enhance shallow water mapping of benthic habitats and better understand the properties and characteristics of the seafloor. Thanks to everyone at CTI!

In the photo above, we can observe bathymetric depth data overlaid on the simultaneously collected, co-located sidescan data. These two datasets together allow for an unprecedented look into shallow water environments, while eliminating vessel time and instrument complexity. Bryan will use these data, as well as a third set of reflectivity backscatter data, to help identify and locate key features of shallow water habitats.

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