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Mark Borrelli to Chair Session at the International Marine Debris Conference, March 12th – 16th, 2018

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mark Borrelli will be chairing a session at the sixth International Marine Debris Conference (we are also jealous that he's going to San Diego without us a day after a massive nor'easter).

The session is titled "Using Acoustic Data to Locate, Identify, Assess and/or Recover Derelict Fishing Gear in Myriad Habitats."  For more information on the session, please see the link below for the conference:

Sixth International Marine Debris Conference

The potential for high resolution side scan sonar to aid in the search for derelict fishing gear poses a boon for ecological as well as economic systems.  Lost fishing gear is very costly to commercial fishermen, and lost traps can continue "ghost fishing" for years after they are lost.  To read more about the involvement of PCCS in such work, visit the following link on NOAA's marine debris page:


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