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Israel’s Water Wizardry


Every drop counts. Image: wikimedia commons.

Israel’s desalination program yields 25% of the water supply, according to Avraham Tenne, Desalination Division of the Water Authority of Israel: “With the touch of a button, we can produce 600 million cubic meters of water.” The land of Solomon’s Temple gains 50% of agricultural water through scientific sewage treatment. It seems to work: Medjool dates, grown with recycled water, are highly prized, and priced, around the world. Drought-stricken California has 80,500 farms; could Israel’s water wizardry improve its agriculture? Will Water Act, in Paris, prelude to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, build consensus and action to save the world’s water?

Israel’s water:

Thanks to Ernst G. Frankel for suggesting this post.

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