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Winning Voice of the Future 2013-2014: Angela J. Newton, Nursing Program, UMB


Peace: New Mandala. Image: courtesy Peace1-e135263978498/

The city-state of Singapore is a profitable tropical island trading station in South-East Asia. It stands as the most economically developed country in the region, despite effects of the world’s War on Terror on business. It strives to keeping balance among human race by using visions and strategies dubbed as the “New Asia-Singapore.” This culture expresses the essence of a vibrant, multicultural, sophisticated place where tradition and modernity, East and West meet in harmony (Ooi, 2004). The government’s present policy is to maintain the multi-cultural society by preserving the distinct cultural identity of each ethnic community (Lim, 1989). In order for all parts of society to reach mutual success, an openess to diverse ethnic factors and sensitivity to culture, politics, housing, and education are a must for maintaining racial harmony.

Angela J. Newton, Traditional BSN Nursing Program, University of Massachusetts Boston. Voice of the Future 2013-2014.

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