Writing Boston’s Future: NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Learn more and apply to our next cohort of Writing Boston’s Future HERE

**Participants will receive stipends after completing each part (1-3) of the process (highlighted below).**

Part One: Community Building and Inquiry Development

Fellows will meet with BWP/MAAH leadership team to build community together, participate in response groups, and create an inquiry project to work on during the summer learning experience. We will meet once a month from January – through May 2024.

Program Launch/Orientation/First Meeting – January 21, 2024
Time: 1p.m.- 4p.m.
Location: Museum of African American History

Part Two: Summer Institute

Fellows will meet with BWP/MAAH leadership team to learn about, write about, and teach the history and legacy of Black Boston’s cultural wealth. Fellows will pursue their own inquiry project as designed during the Winter/Spring 2024 season.

Part Three: Colloquium 

Fellows will exhibit their Writing Boston’s Future artifacts to the Greater Boston community. 

BE CURIOUS! BE CREATIVE! JOIN US TO FIND JOY IN LEARNING TOGETHER! INNOVATE TOGETHER! Please address any questions to Adela Gonzalez at gonadela1@gmail.com.