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Day 2 in Glasgow! (Monday Mar 24)


After all the traveling a good nights sleep was well enjoyed! 🙂 We had our breakfast in the hotel and then went off to the university to officially meet the GCU people! Then we went to tour the beautiful city of Glasgow. We went on tour bus with our hosts: Nicky, Jack, Nicola, Ashley, Nabila, and Shona. I cannot even describe how breathtaking the city is. Each building looks so stunning. The older architecture is still there for every building.  The tour bus was actually a double decker and we sat on the top – on the open side. 😀 It got quite windy but it was worth it! A lot of the sites were closed unfortunately today, but we got to see them from the outside. We did stop at a few places and go inside, such as the Riverside Museum (basically a transport museum) and Glasgow University (astonishingly, Glasgow Uni actually looks like Hogwarts!). We ate at a restaurant called Ketchup which is known around for its burgers and special ketchup and it was good! Since it was a beautiful day, and we were very lucky to have it, we decided to walk home through Kelvin Grove Park. We had a great day and saw so much, I can’t wait to see what else this week has in store for us!!! 😀

GCU!!! :D

GCU!!! 😀

GOMA (modern art musuem)

GOMA (modern art musuem)


the beautiful architecture of Glasgow

the beautiful architecture of Glasgow

One of the buildings in Glasgow

One of the buildings in Glasgow

Selfies in Riverside Museum (Frankie, Sarah, Nicole)

Selfies in Riverside Museum (Frankie, Sarah, Nicole)


Grass chair outside of Riverside Museum

Grass chair outside of Riverside Museum

One of the train in the RIverside Museum

One of the train in the Riverside Museum

The city from a far!

The city from a far!

Science Area



A cute stairwell outside of Ketchup

A cute stairwell across from Ketchup

Glasgow Uni

Glasgow Uni

Telephone booth at GU

Telephone booth at GU

Glasgow Uni from far (or is it Hogwarts?! haha)

Glasgow Uni from far (or is it Hogwarts?! haha)

All of us posing in Kelvin Grove Park!

Posing in Kelvin Grove Park!


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