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Finally Here!


After many hours of traveling we finally have reached to Glasgow, Scotland!!! A great British Airways flight to Heathrow, a minor setback during security, and an short flight into Glasgow finally brought us to our destination. We are all so excited to be here and the GCU group is so nice! As soon as we got to the airport in Scotland we met Julie and the hosting team, and got on our way to the hotel. After a bit of settling in we got to explore the city and grabbed dinner. The city is so gorgeous. We walked though and each building is just breath taking. Everyone was pretty much exhausted from traveling so we called a bit of an early night. But in the morning we will be fully charged and ready to officially begin our amazing one week journey here in Scotland! 😀

Some pictures of our travels to Glasgow and some of the city 🙂
Right before we boarded the flight to Heathrow! WE ARE READY FOR YOU SCOTLAND

Right before we boarded the flight to Heathrow! WE ARE READY FOR YOU SCOTLAND

on the plane ready to go!

on the plane ready to go!





The statue with the traffic cone on his head!

The statue with the traffic cone on his head!




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