“a cruel unnecessarry, unnatural monstrosity”

From the University Archives Collections: here is a 1935 request to the Mass. Catholic Order of Foresters to support a proposal from the “Headquarters for the Repeal of the Daylight Saving Law.”  The handwriting on the typescript letter indicates that the request was rejected by the MCOF (click on image to view enlarged document.)


Headquarters for the Repeal of the Daylight Saving Law
275 Tremont Street, Boston

Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the Committee on Resolutions: M.C.O.F. Convention. We have the honor to present to you for your consideration, the subject of repeal of the “Daylight Saving” Law. This law was intended only for the purpose of war: to let it continue in these days when great economic changes have come so fast upon us and when leisure is in abundance on all sides, and will increase, is but to inflict cruelty on those whom we love best, and to whom we we owe every consideration. It is a cruel unnecessarry (sic), unnatural monstrosity; a vicious dislocation of home life, and we look to such great social orders as the M.C.O.F. to encourage us with their moral support, in our petition to the next general court.

Therefore be it resolved; that the Daylight Saving law, be repealed.

Respt. Yours,
Frank E. Bentley, Sec.

May 21, [19]35


UASC Collection: Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters. See also: https://blogs.umb.edu/archives/collections/foresters/

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