Working in Mzungu Heaven

For non-Swahili speakers, Mzungu is the term for white person. Sarah and I have been working at this cafe that this week we have nicknamed Mzungu heaven because during the day the clientele is almost exclusively white. Yesterday there were two busloads of volunteers enjoying coffees and milkshakes. Supposedly they make a wonderful espresso milkshake. I love the chicken shwarma plate salad and the cafe americano. The wood fired pizzas are great too. Keith and my father would say I am not suffering enough.

There is not much new to report today. But, we have had a very successful few days of work this week. Today we had a difficult meeting and Sarah was fabulous!! She was kind and sweet and encouraged the participation of all present. We have been camped out at the Kilimanjaro Union Café.

It is a café owned and run by the Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union and they serve coffee, espresso, lattes etc. and yummy food. They brought in a master barista to design this and it is a great café. They have wifi, but we use our USB modems because it is cheaper overall and faster internet. Here we are working. No, we cannot see the mountain from the cafe. But, I can bring back wonderful coffee beans for you if you email me.

Sarah and I working at Kilimanjaro Union Cafe

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