Exhausted and ready for the weekend

After four days of assessment, we have finished 95 students, out of 159.  It was 158, but a new girl joined the class yesterday and I tested her today. She was very interesting, because she wanted to answer all my questions in English, but I was asking in Swahili. And I was surprised that she was able to do most of the test in both English and Swahili. I really wonder where she went to school before.

Sarah and I are very tired and going to relax this weekend and do some other stuff and make a list of the kids left to assess. I am still seeing great Kili views as we drive around town. Today, it was really brilliant. Anyway, this is short, but I will direct you to Sarah’s post and some pics of me assessing.



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  1. Norah says:

    Great work ladies!!!! I get goose bumps just thinking of what all this will build up to. Thank you for all the hard work. Have a restful weekend!

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