Down to the wire and the pound

I am down the less than 24 hours until I leave. Given my normal anxiety around travel and just making sure I have everything, I am fairly calm. I love to travel, but I always worry I will forget something that is critical. My bags are packed and I am enjoying a relaxing evening with my kitty and my husband.

I am very happy that I managed to get all my stuff into two bags and my carry-ons and that at the moment, they are just underweight or on target, but the airlines view will depend on the calibration of the their scales. I am thrilled that I got all the answer sheets, training manuals, and materials for the assessment in the bags and they are still within weight limits.

I am thrilled that the all copies, training manuals, and materials for the assessment are in the bags. We are ready and able to get started next week on the work. I am excited to finally get there and get going after talking with Sarah and planning so much over the last several months.

I have to thank Deo Tungaraza and Dr. Alwiya Omar (my KiSwahili teacher) at Indiana University and the IU Swahili Flagship program for the wonderful work on the translation of the assessment. They did a wonderful job and were able to do it so quickly so that we could start working this summer. Asante sana kwa kazi nyingi!


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