Who rules Mexico today?

Who Rules Mexico Today?

On April 11, 2024, the Latin American and Iberian Studies Department, in collaboration with the Department of Political Sciences, and UNAM Boston, hosted, Dr. Miguel Basáñez, former Mexico ambassador to the US. Dr. Basáñez’s lecture about his most recent book, Who Rules Mexico Today?, allowed UMass Boston students and faculty to learn more about contemporary history and politics in Mexico. 

Photo: From left to right: Héctor Zavala (UNAM Boston), Prof. Luis Jiménez (UMass Boston, Department of Political Science, Dr. Miguel Basáñez, Prof. Jorge Capetillo (UMass Boston, Department of Sociology), Prof. Benjamín Juárez Echenique (UMass Boston, Department of Latin American & Iberian Studies).

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