23rd Annual New England Translators Association Conference

Last Saturday May 4, LAIS  students participated in the 23rd Annual New England Translators Association Conference, which was held in UMass Boston. Under the general topic  “Innovation from Within: How Interpreters and Translators Are Shaping the Present and Future of the Field,” Alfonso Ceciliano (” Towards an Inclusive Education through Translation”), Daniel Flaherty (“An Intralingual Translation of El retablo de las maravillas), Maria Gonzalez (“El secreto encanto de la traducción: A Study of Borges’s ‘El disco’ in Translation”), Jacob Matthews (“Equivalence, ethics and Todorov’s interpretation of the American Conquest”), Michael Nystrom (“A New Translation for a New Silk Road”), Yerielis Rivera (“Ethics & Poetics in A Spanish Translation of ‘Passing the Gift'”), Nery Sanchez-Roman (“Translating Meek Mill’s ‘Championship’: A Socio-Poetic Performance”),  Tyler Tripp (“Back in the ‘Game of Thrones’: A New Spanish Translation”), and  Camila de la Vega  (“Amending Languages: A Spanish Re-translation of the First 10 Amendments in the US Constitution”) showed how translating and translations allow us to make sense of critical current events, and literary and political discourses.   

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