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“Dois dedos de conversa”

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Conversational Portuguese Practice

This conversation class is ideal for students who have studied and/or know Portuguese, but they need to practice and learn vocabulary. This class will help students developing their oral proficiency in Portuguese and it offers a wide variety of Portuguese language training options to suit their availability and tutoring needs, whether they wish to learn Portuguese in a one-to-one with a trainer, you wish to learn Portuguese with a small group of students.

Audiovisual materials such as newspaper articles, music, film, and other authentic materials will be used in this course in order to promote opportunities for conversation.


  • Discussion on current events
  • Emphasis on vocabulary expansion
  • Pronunciation and listening exercises
  • Improvement and understanding of Portuguese idioms


Mondays | beginners

Tuesdays | intermediate

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Contact information:  Maria Madureira

Center for Portuguese Language Camões: Healey Library | 6th floor | room 12

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