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New Xythos Workshops Added

We have added two new workshops to the training schedule. Our current Xythos offerings are:


Introduction to Xythos (90 minutes) Learn how to: Access your Xythos account Upload files to your account Access your files from any computer connected to the internet Set up sharing permissions that determines who can access your files and what they can do with the files Collaboratively edit documents and retain past versions


Xythos Drive (60 minutes) Learn how to: Access content stored in Xythos using a familiar Microsoft Windows interface Automates the process of sending secure email attachments through Xythos Create automatic backups of important files Synchronize files between your local computer and your Xythos account Edit your documents online


Xythos Wiki (60 minutes) Learn how to: Publish your documents on the internet Set up sharing permissions that determines who can access and edit your wiki Create context around files you want to share Create a panel to allow your collaborators to upload and download files Create a panel that allows you to share files found with a search of your account


Group Training (120 minutes) We can customize our training for your department or group. Please contact Caroline Cappuccio at 617.287.5221 or Caroline.Cappuccio@umb.edu.




by xythos.support

Xythos at UMB

Xythos is Here!

In September 2008, the Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) invested in a Document Management and Collaboration system called Xythos. The system addresses a number of needs that faculty and staff have shared with us over the years. The system has been piloted by a small group of faculty and staff this fall, and after receiving feedback and modifying the system, ITSD would like to offer this new service to the rest of the campus for general use starting Monday February 2nd

The Xythos system is very easy to use; it offers a web interface that allows users to store and retrieve documents from any computer connected to the Internet. Some of the features of the system are:

  • Securely store and retrieve documents of any kind
  • Move/Copy files between a computer and the Xythos account by dragging and dropping or by copying and pasting.
  • Securely share documents with colleagues on and off campus rather than through email attachments there by reducing the size of your email inbox
  • Set permissions on how to share these documents
  • Keep track of changes to files using “Versioning
  • Available storage space of 1 GB

The Xythos document management system is available to all faculty & staff that have a valid UMass Boston email account (@umb.edu). You may access the system by visiting: http://xythos.umb.edu Please use your email credentials as your username and password.

Important Contact Information:
Xythos information: http://www.umb.edu/it/getting_services/campus_administrative_systems/xythos/
Xythos FAQWebsite: http://blogs.umb.edu/xythossupport/

Xythos login question: IT Service Desk – 7-5220 or ITServiceDesk@umb.edu
Questions on using Xythos: IT Service Desk – 7-5220 or ITServiceDesk@umb.edu
Xythos training and information Katherine Ananis – 7-5264 or Katherine.Ananis@umb.edu
Training – Registration: Katherine Ananis – 7-5264- or Katherine.Ananis@umb.edu

Need an email account:

on behalf of everyone at ITSD, we would like to thank you for using Xythos and hope you enjoy using the system as much as we have. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the numbers or email addresses listed above with questions or feedback on Xythos.

Xythos Workshops

Ready to get started with Xythos? Attend our 1.5 hour introductory workshop and get a quick and informed start to online document management & collaboration. All workshops take place in the Healey Library, lower level, room P1. To enroll in a workshop go to the UMB training site: umb.edu/training and click the Upcoming Workshops link in the left pane – then click on Technology – then Document Management & Collaboration. You will need a UMB email account to register for a workshop.

More information

Contact -Katherine.Ananis@umb.edu

UMB –  http://www.umb.edu/it/getting_services/campus_administrative_systems/xythos/

Xythos – http://www.blackboard.com/Platforms/Learn/Products/Blackboard-Learn/Blackboard-Xythos.aspx

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