Boston is filled with some of the most talented people on the planet tackling the most difficult problems. Imagine if it were easier to find the specialized facilities, dedicated mentors and supportive community required to actually launch these ideas into the market.

That’s why we opened the VDC

We believed we could meet this need better than anyone else. So, in 2009, we opened the Venture Development Center, and began inviting exceptional entrepreneurial teams, no matter what university they attended, to join us.

Today, 25 teams from different universities and high tech fields create a unique community achieving validation, customers and investment on a much larger scale. They have a 93% fundraising success rate, averaging $4,447,386, the top results in Boston.

We give you unprecedented access to company building experience

There are good mentors everywhere. But what’s really missing is their availability to provide ongoing support—especially support based upon measurable progress towards launching the business. The VDC’s mentoring program is led by our entrepreneurs-in-residence, well respected individuals who have vast investment and operational expertise in dozens of well known Boston based technology and life science companies. They are at your disposal anytime. With them by your side, you’ll effectively manage the most common startup problems that can derail your company, no matter how good your team is. And you’ll gain instant credibility with investors.

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We give you a best-in-class fully supported work environment

The 18,000 sq. ft. workspace won best-in-class recognition because it meets your practical needs and instinctive desires like no other. You can enjoy casual, cafe-style interactions, but disappear into personalized, private spaces when you want to be alone.

There are dedicated labs, both wet and dry, fully furnished and serviced, ready for immediate use. The engineering infrastructure is second to none, and includes high performance computing network.

The vast collaboration area features an open work bar for co-work, soft seating for impromptu team meetings and conversations, and enclosed work pods for scheduled meetings.

At the VDC, you’ll have access to expensive equipment like supercomputers and sequencing instruments previously beyond the reach of startup companies. 

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Enjoy a thriving community of peers

Teams from different universities -  UMass, MIT, Harvard, BU, WPI, Babson, Yale, RIT – and high tech fields – education, healthcare, finance and life science – create a unique community tackling problems that really matter. They are managing medication therapy, pinpointing new targets for drugs, predicting response to therapies, reprogramming cells to replace damaged ones, massively engineering bacteria to produce chemicals, and transforming the way customers manage their entire cloud ecosystem.

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Best results anywhere

There are many ways incubator programs add value – validating a business model, providing a physical location, creating a network, etc. But funding is the one thing almost all startups want in their early stages. And the VDC is delivering. Our startups have a fundraising success rate that outpaces TechStars and Y Combinator. You might say that we are picking good companies. It is also true that good companies are picking us. We are made for each other.

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