Networking event December 11th, Professional Dress Required!

The Employer Networking Event is next Thursday (December 11th)  from 4pm to 6pm in the Campus Center!  Are you prepared?  Have you registered and researched the companies who will be attending, and have a game plan for talking with each of them?  Have you polished your resume?  Do you have an elevator pitch (15-30 seconds on who you are and what you’re looking for?)  Are you planning to bring something professional to collect things in?  (A bag or pad-folio can go a long way!)  And, last but not least, are you prepared to be professionally dressed?

Business etiquette for professional attire can vary based on gender.  Here are some helpful tips when considering attire for the Networking Event.

Men: Your suit should fit, be ironed, nicely tailored, and conservative regarding color choices.  A tie is almost always a good idea, and make sure you have shined, closed-toed shoes (with matching socks) as well. Your shoes and belt should match, be careful of too much cologne, and make sure your facial hair is kept neat.  Piercings and tattoos should be minimized or covered if possible.

Women: Your suit should fit, however, pants or skirts are both appropriate.  It should be ironed, nicely tailored, and be conservative regarding color choices and patterns.  Avoid distracting jewelry, revealing clothing, overpowering perfume, and makeup that could be considered distasteful.  Shined, closed toes shoes with low heels are recommended (you will be standing for some time).

All students:  Make sure your hair is neat, choose mints over gum, and leave your phone in your pocket/bag unless you’re using it to take down some employer information!  And remember…the best thing you can wear is a smile!

 Need examples of professional dress?  Click here!

Reminder, check IN with Career Services at the entry to the Alumni Lounge in the Campus Center, and check OUT for MAP miles in the lobby after you’re finished.  We will start checking out at approximately 4:45pm, so you should plan to spend some time with all the employers in the room!