Get Career Ready then Grab a Sales 2.0 JOB Workshop

There are 2 sessions being offered: **Please pay attention to registration instructions as they are different for each session.**

1st Session (9am-11:30am) “Get Career Ready”
Venture Development Center, Wheatley Hall, 3rd floor

  • Focus on improving your resume & interviewing skills so you are READY to take advantage of the coming opportunities connected to Career Services and the VDC.
  • Participate in a Mock Interview and get feedback from a Sales 2.0 Practitioner!

To register: Upload your resume through MyCareer Online & sign up for this event! Come prepared with an electronic version of your resume, so you can work on it in the workshop. If you have questions contact:

2nd Session (12pm-2:30pm) “Grab a Sales 2.0 JOB!”
Venture Development Center, Wheatley Hall, 3rd floor

  • Get a crash course on modern sales.
  • Learn the tools necessary to land a career in Boston’s Innovation Economy.
  • Get the inside track on of the 50 job opportunities connected to the Entrepreneurship Center and Career Services.

To RSVP, please: email If you have further questions about this information session, please direct them to