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High-Paying Internships and Jobs are Available Now!

The Entrepreneurship Center has a proven track record of generating outstanding internships and jobs for our students.  The Entrepreneurship Center has placed over a hundred interns through its StEP program.

At the core of the program is MKT 465 – Entrepreneurship Sales and Marketing, open to ALL UMass Boston students, sign up today!*

This course prepares students for a job in the startup community with the potential to start an exciting and lucrative career in high-tech companies.  Other valuable highlights to this course:

  • Taught by the new Director of the Entrepreneurship Center, David McFarlane – a highly successful entrepreneur with links to the Boston startup community
  • Trains students on the skills needed to gain an entry level sales/marketing position in a startup
  • Live role play scenarios with experienced sales and marketing executives will prepare you for the multiple areas of responsibilities and interactions within a startup organization, as well as outward facing prospect and customer responsibilities that are required in a startup
  • Exposure to the overall process and tools that drive a sales/marketing organization in a startup
  • Provide direct access to internship opportunities, students who enroll in the course get to meet, engage and impress leading entrepreneurs in Boston’s startup community

The course will run Thursday evenings, 5:30 pm – 8:15 pm each week this fall.

To learn more, attend our MKT 465 Information Session on Thursday, July 25th from 4:45pm-5:30pm at the Venture Development Center, Wheatley Hall, 3rd floor.

*50 MAP miles will be awarded for attending, and MAP students should come prepared to interact with employers. 


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CM Ambassadors needed!



The deadline for Ambassador applications is approaching – August 1st, 2013! Hurry up!

Would you like to get more involved with the College of Management?  Do you, or someone you know, want some great leadership experience for your resume?  The College of Management is now searching for new Ambassadors for the 2013-2014 academic year and invite you to find out more!

Applications are available in the College of Management, or find them online at:

Interested applicants should return your application in person, or send your application to:

The Undergraduate Program Office, 5th floor of the McCormack building, Room 610 by Aug. 1st and plan on participating in a half-day training on Aug. 26th.

More Information below!

College of Management Ambassador Position Description

The College of Management Ambassador team is an evolving position within the College.  Ambassadors represent the College at events, interact with potential students and parents, and attend/work MAP events.  Student ambassadors are encouraged to be outgoing and friendly, and understand that they are a representative of the college at all times.  This position is well suited for students who envision their future as a leader in any of the disciplines within the College.


  • One academic year commitment to the position (August-August)
  • Serve as a resource to incoming and current CM students
  • Assist new students in navigating the University system(s)
  • Attend and take attendance for MAP events based on availability (scheduled monthly)
  • Attend all mandatory trainings and meetings
  • Be appropriately dressed to represent the College at all events
  • Be an active and positive team member
  • Communicate with the CM staff any student concerns you encounter

Click here for an application:

Additional information:

  • CM Ambassadors will attend a day long training to get familiar with all systems and functions.  The date of this training is Monday August 26th, from 12pm until 6pm.  This event is mandatory and should be considered prior to accepting the ambassador position.
  • CM Ambassadors will be expected to complete an interview in addition to this application.  This can be in person or via Skype, and will occur during the weeks of August 4th and 11th.  Please be prepared to interview during those weeks.


  • Must be in good standing with the University
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Must have completed at least one semester in the College of Management by the training date.
  • Must be a current CM student
  • Must have a flexible schedule with the ability to attend multiple events per semester
  • Must be able to attend COMETT Orientation August 28th 2013, University Open House October 19th, 2013, Welcome Day in April 12th, 2014, and multiple MAP events throughout the year
  • Must be able to attend monthly meetings on the first Monday of each month (Excluding Labor Day) to schedule coverage of MAP events
  • Must want to make a difference and have fun!



Contact information:

David Earnhardt           

Academic Advisor                  617-287-7760


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Computer Forensics Offerings this Fall

The Information Technology major has recently introduced a new track in Computer Forensics (CF).  Below is information about two track courses being offered this fall semester in this area.  Both are requirements in the CF track available to IT majors; and IT 421 will also count in the elective area of the MSIS concentration area for Management Majors (and if this course does not show as an option for you on your audit, please see a CM advisor so that we can update your audit for you).

IT 221: Computer Forensics II

PRE REQUISITES: MSIS 110 or IT 110 or permission of the Instructor
FALL 2013 COURSE: Monday & Wednesday 10:00-11:15 AM with Professor Kim – course registration number is 14541
Course counts in the BI track for IT majors

This course is designed to expose students to advanced concepts in digital/computer forensic analysis. As with Computer Forensics I, there will be a balance between legal and technical aspects, although this course will focus more on the use of specific tools. For example the students will practice Disk and other digital device analysis using professional proprietary widely-used software tools such as Encase.

IT 421: Malware Analysis

PRE REQUISITES: MSIS 110 or IT 110; and IT 244
FALL 2013 COURSE: Tuesday 5:30-8:15 PM with Professor Kuilboer – course registration number is 3999
Course counts in the BI track for IT majors AND the MSIS concentration for Management Majors

This course provides students with an effective immersion into the realm of Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering. It follows a progressive approach that introduces relevant concepts and techniques while preparing the students to become effective malware analysts that can use a standard methodology for detecting, analyzing, reverse engineering and eradicating malware.

The course teaches practical approaches to examining malicious programs [e.g Virus, Worm, Spyware, Bots, Trojans, Adware, Backdoor, and Rootkits] that target or run on Microsoft Windows. We will also looks at understanding Web-based malware, such as JavaScript, VBscript, and Flash files, as well as malicious document files. By the end of the course, you’ll learn how to reverse-engineer malicious software using a variety of system and network monitoring utilities, disassembler, debugger, and other open-source and commercial tools for turning malware inside-out!

The scope of this course includes:

Introduction to Malware Analysis.
Malware Analysis Labs on both Windows and Linux platforms.
Methodology to detect, analyze, reverse-engineer, and eradicate malware.
Malware Analysis Applications.
Forensics tools used for Malware Analysis

Course Objectives:
This course will equip students with the necessary background knowledge in order to become effective Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering practitioners. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Develop a good understanding of Malware Analysis.
 Identify the different types of Malware Analysis methods.
–  Gain a broad exposure to real world applications of Malware Analysis.
–  Set up a relatively inexpensive lab for Malware Analysis activities.
–  Utilize a standard methodology for detecting, analyzing, reverse engineering, and eradicating malware.
–  Use a Malware Analysis based approach in order to resolve real world problems.
Recognize common malware characteristics.
Bypass some of the advanced malware techniques, such as packing, obfuscation and anti-analysis of armored malware breeds

While computer security focuses on the prevention and detection of security risks, computer forensics provides the post-facto analysis of a computer breach. It does not remedy the damage already done but aims at understanding the attack vector and provide the intelligence to harden the computer systems and fend off future attacks. In the legal environment malware analysis will supply the evidence necessary to prosecute the hacker who perpetrated the attack.

A malware analysis course prepares forensic investigators, incident responders, and malware specialists to reverse-engineer malicious software using practical tools and hand-on techniques. This advanced course provides a rounded approach to reverse-engineering by covering both behavioral and code phases of the analysis process. As a result, the course makes malware analysis accessible even to individuals with a limited exposure to programming concepts and experience with Assembly Language. The materials do not assume that the students are familiar with malware analysis; however, the complexity of concepts and techniques increases as the course progresses.

The malware analysis process taught in this class helps incident responders assess the severity and repercussions of a situation that involves malicious software. It also assists in determining how to contain the incident and plan recovery steps. Forensics investigators also learn how to understand key characteristics of malware present on compromised systems, including how to establish indicators of compromise (IOCs) for scoping and containing the intrusion.

Students should find this course particularly useful if they have career aspiration aiming at responsibilities in the areas of incident response, forensic investigation, Windows security, and system administration.


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Walk-In Advising Change for Thursday, June 20

Afternoon walk-in advising will be from 2pm to 3pm, today Thursday, June 20.

If you have any questions please contact the Undergraduate Program Office at 617-287-7760.

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Paid Marketing Internship Opportunity with Parabase Genomics

Parabase Genomics

Company Background:

Parabase Genomics is an early revenue-stage molecular diagnostics company that provides genomics-based testing for use in pediatric diagnostics and newborn genetic screening. Our goal is to replace the single- gene-disorder tests currently used with a comprehensive test that will rapidly screen thousands of genetic disorders enabling improved molecular diagnosis, patient management, family counseling, and possible therapeutic interventions.

Internship Position: Marketing/Research Intern


  • Conduct Web and phone based research in the US neonatal diagnostics market to understand/validate the Parabase Value Hypothesis of our Lifetime Test ™.
  • Work with Sales and Marketing to implement strategy for lead generation and customer outreach.
  • Apply Actionable Metrics to measure customer’s response to initial product offerings/sales campaigns by contacting top Children’s Hospitals.
  • Develop a You Tube video on neonatal diagnostics and newborn screening with thought leaders in the field.
  • Document leads and contacts in
  • Work with Directors of Research and Development and Sales/Marketing to summarize the customer feedback into succinct product specifications.
  • Maintain Parabase social media efforts according to go-to-market strategy/target markets.
  • Accept special assignments as required.


  • Academic background in marketing, business or management in the life sciences or preferably diagnostics
  • Some understanding or willingness to apply The Lean Startup model
  • High motivation and creative approach to problem solving
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, excellent command of English language
  • Experience with writing, proofreading and editing marketing literature
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
  • Able to maintain sense of humor in an environment where priority and project focus may shift


  • Approximately 10-20 hours per week during school year, 40 hours in the summer
  • Compensation – $15/hr
  • Immediate start date
  • Transportation to UMass Boston Venture Development Center and Easton, MA headquarters is required
  • To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to and cc

For more information on responsibilities and qualifications needed for StEP’s latest internship postings, go to our website.

For an overview of our program and helpful tips, please refer to our ItunesU video on Career Services Itunes U:

To apply for StEP internships, please send your cover letter and resume to and cc’ing

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Summer Tutoring Available for AF 210, 211, 301, BC 230, BC 290, MSIS 110, 212, and 301

The Summer Session I is underway and the College of Management Tutoring Center is open Monday – Thursday for your questions in AF 210, AF 211, AF 301, BC 230, BC 290, MSIS 110, MSIS 212, and MSIS 301.

The tutoring schedule for each of these courses can be found online on the CM Tutoring Center Page. This page will also display any Tutoring Absences or changes to the schedule as they occur.

Summer I ends on July 11th and tutoring will be available through July 11th. Summer II begins on July 15th and tutoring will resume for Summer II on July 15th.

If you are attending class, up to date on all assignments, but are having trouble with a certain topic, the time to seek tutoring is now. Whether you stop by once, or come weekly, the CM Tutoring Center is here to help.

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