Registration at the Beginning of the Semester

While you all did your best to plan the ideal spring schedule, sometimes changes are inevitable. As always, we expect that some students will be doing a bit of add/drop/swap-ing the first week of the semester.  Here are a few reminders or deadlines, policies and procedures at this time:

DEADLINES: The last day to add a course is Monday, January 31, No additions to your schedule will be possible after this date.  For more deadlines throughout the semester, check the academic calendar: http://www.umb.edu/students/registrar/calendar/index.html

WAITLISTS: As you know, you can self-register for a course, and if that class is full, you can get on the waitlist.  You will see your spot on the list, and can monitor your progression.  Once you are in the number one position and a seat opens up, the system will automatically move you into the course.  Once you are added to a course, you will be dropped from any other section of that course – so be sure the class you are waiting for is really the one you want! Please note that changes due to waitlist movement are not sent to students, they are reflected on your WISER schedule only – so keep checking that to be sure you are aware of your current schedule status.

The only way to get into a CM closed course is to be on the waitlist, in the number one position, and have a seat open up.  Professors can’t over enroll you into the course or give you a permission number to get into the course ahead of waiting students or if there is no seat available.  Seat availability is based on course enrollment caps, not necessarily classroom space or facilities.  We monitor this closely, in accordance with our accreditation standards.

Remember – you will be responsible for monitoring your schedule and being sure that all of the courses on your schedule (or study list on WISER) are correct.

WISER REGISTRATION TROUBLE: Occasionally you may find that you get an error message when trying to add, drop or swap a course.  Be sure to read the error message, as it will help you determine what to do next.  If you believe you received the error message in error (no pun intended!), you can come to the CM Undergraduate Program Office for assistance (M-5-603).

Hopefully these tips and reminders will help you get the schedule of your dreams for spring 2011!


 –          If you were on the waitlist for a course, you may see that you still appear to be on the waitlist, per Wiser.  After January 31, the last day to add a course, the waitlists are inactive.  So while it still may appear that you are waiting for a course, you will not be added to any additional courses this semester.  Students can drop themselves from the waitlist after add/drop is over if they wish, but there is also no harm in not changing your status.

–          If you did not get enrolled in a course that you wanted to take this spring, you will have the chance again in the summer or fall semester.  You can see a tentative summer  and tentative fall schedule on Wiser now (use term code 2040 for the summer and 2110 for the fall).  Our faculty and deans are working to make some revisions – so check it often, as updates will be ongoing.

–          If you need to take any placement exams, be sure to do those well in advance of the summer and/or fall registration periods, so you can plan your spring schedule accordingly.