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Resources for Engagement and Arts Integration in Teaching and Learning

Making Learning Visible

This article points out six interesting approaches to make learning visible; “How do we distinguish knowledge, skills, and thinking from….learning? How do we make learning visible, so that we might surface and document powerful discoveries about the influence of our teaching on learners?”

6 Ways to Make Learning Visible

Sketchnoting in Education

Sketchnoting is a way of taking notes with text and pictures. You don’t need any special tools to do it either. A simple paper and pen will do the trick. Being able to draw pictures to illustrate concepts is a great way for students to retain information and can improve overall understanding of a lesson. Taking notes in a visual way also helps students to process information, and relate concepts together as a kind of map. Sketchnoting can also be used by teachers to present topics.

Here is a guide, along with some great ideas and tips for sketchnoting:
Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything: Sketchnoting in Education

Incorporating music into the curriculum to engage students

Can music help students think more critically and creatively? This article addresses how music can help students become more engaged in math, science and english through music creation.

“We found that once we began to balance both the creativity and the academics, that their academics became more important to them.”

3 Ideas for Incorporating Music Into Core High School Classes

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