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One-by-Ones everywhere


Emily and Rita have been digging 1×1-meter test pits in farm mounds all over Skagafjorður, looking for midden dating from about 1000 AD or earlier.  They finished the pit at Kjartansstaðir today!  Here’s Emily waving from inside the farm mound, as Rita and Joanna look on:

Emily waves

Author: Kathryn Catlin

Kathryn Catlin is an alumna of UMass Boston's Historical Archaeology MA program and a current PhD student in Anthropology at Northwestern University. Kathryn's research interests include the social and economic dimensions of settlement and colonization in Iceland, medieval England, and the colonial US. She is interested in developing survey techniques, including geophysical survey as well as more traditional archaeological methods, to describe relationships between the development of social inequality and the causes and consequences of environmental change. She has participated in numerous Fiske Center projects, including seasons in Iceland, Greenland, the Caribbean, and across New England.

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