At Umass Boston

Martin Thuo, Ian Tevis “multi-layered soft-core micro- and nanoparticles” US provisional Patent application no: 61914765 

Martin Thuo, Ian Tevis “High aspect ratio nanostructures and methods of preparation” US provisional Patent application No: 62/014,425 

Pre-Umass Boston

Xinyu Liu, Martin M. Thuo, XiuJun Li, Michael O’Brien, Yu Sun, and George M. Whitesides “MEMS force sensors fabricated using paper substrates” U.S. Patent Application No.13/557,861 WO. 2013019510

David K. Bwambok, Martin M. Thuo, Katherine Mirica, Nathan Shapiro, Manza Atkinson, and George M. Whitesides “Density based methods for separation of materials, monitoring of solid supported reactions and measuring densities of small liquid volumes and solids using ionic liquids” US Patent Application No. 61/659,715, PCT/US13/45769 WO 2013188725 A1 20131219

Martin M. Thuo, Xinyu Liu, Jean-Francis Bloch, Ana Glavan, Ramses Martinez, Wenjie Lan, George M. Whitesides “Microfluidic devices based on hydrophobic paper” Provision applications no.:61/654.639, 61/784,907, PCT WO 2013181656 A1 20131205

Davik K. Bwambok, Wenjie Lan, E.J. Maxwell, Claudio Parolo, Anand Bala Subramaniam, Martin M. Thuo, and George M. Whitesides “Paper-Based Reference Electrode and Potentiometric Sensing Device” U.S. Patent Application No. 61/789,883

Martin M. Thuo, Alex Nemiroski, David K. Bwambok, and George M. Whitesides “Infochemistry: Decoding Information Encrypted into Material Density Using Magnetic Levitation” Patent Pending

Abraham K.B. Tawiah, Martin M. Thuo, George M. Whitesides. “Functionalized paper for oil-water separation via selective absorption” Patent Pending