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UMass Boston’s School for the Environment
Nantucket Semester: LivingLabs
Learn about the on-island science research conducted by the undergraduates during their semester here!

Student Research Poster Session: One-on-one discussions of 16 independent research projects through visual displays
Wednesday, 17 April from 3:00 – 5:00 PM

Student Research Presentation: Five Capstone research presentations ranging across human and natural systems
Thursday, 18 April from  5:00 – 8:00 PM

All free and open to the public at the Great Hall, Atheneum  – – JOIN US !

Contact Sarah Oktay for further information –

Another week has passed and Nantucket island has grown a little more on me.  I was supposed to meet up with a fisherman to go scalloping and do some bycatch assessment, but due to the storm that was delayed until this week which should be very productive being able to go scalloping with a couple different fisherman which should go better.  Its almost like it should’ve happened this way, with being able to get more data than going out once would’ve last week.  I can’t wait to fish and get to know the island from the water.  The fisherman are what make this great island, and I get to hang out with them and learn from them, you knowwwww!!

The Takeover

Three weeks ago today, the takeover of 17 EEOS students arrived on the island of Nantucket with vision and passion (and a beard).  The program had officially began with Len Germinara teaching our opening Ecopoetics class, that seemed to have a profound affect on all of us.  Len, who was an amazing teacher by the way and opened up a creative side in me I never thought existed.  The house came together within three weeks as a team, like the environment “Harmony”.  Adjusting to the schedule and participating in events here on Nantucket settled us in.  I think the best part of coming down here was everyone having the right positive attitude, that we were here to do our study and take over the island metaphorically.  In all actuality the island seemed to have an inspring affect on everyone and took us over.