Solutions for Sediment and Contaminant Re-suspension During Storm Surges

Mitigation of Sediment and Contaminant re-suspension

By, Peter Hamscher, Matt Collins

Savin Hill Cove has been recognized as one of the most polluted sites in the Boston Harbor. The objective of this project is to develop sustainable solutions to mitigate sediment and contaminant re-suspension during storm surges and tidal inundation. Recent research data and information suggests that the quality of sediment in Savin Hill Cove is notably contaminated with bacteria such as fecal coliform and heavy metals. Salt marshes are a crucial component to coastlines and rely on clean sediment for nutrients and overall health. During storm surges and high tides, these sediments are aggravated, transported and deposited throughout the fringing salt marsh. This process of accretion proves to be detrimental to the health of the existing salt marsh and the future development of similar ecosystems. The target of this project entails a brief analysis of sediment quality in the affected area, potential solutions to divert sediment and to greater understand and appreciate the Savin Hill Cove salt marsh system.

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