Northern Lapwings at Bartlett Farm Nantucket


Last Tuesday at Bartlett’s farm resident birding expert Vern Laux and I scouted the goose laden fields for two rare “accidentals”, Northern Lapwings that had blown over the Atlantic’s expanse from coastal Europe. He had been keeping an eye on these birds as no more than two have ever been spotted in the same location in North America.

Behold – There were three at Bartlett’s farm! A historic sighting, and a great experience in the field.


Among hundreds of Canada Geese I also spotted two Snow Geese in brilliant white plumage.

2 thoughts on “Northern Lapwings at Bartlett Farm Nantucket

  1. Hey Jeremy,
    It was pretty cool to see you and Vern at the Bartlett Fields that day.
    Oh ya, pretty cool to have three Northern Lapwings there, too. Thanks to you guys, I was able to see them from the other side, off of Somerset, before they flew.

    • Harvey,

      Great bumping into you and the Lapwings as well! Let me know if you’d like to go birding this weekend.


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