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The New I-94 Process and YOU


As the new academic year approaches, ISSS wants to make all International Students aware of a change in procedure for Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The I-94 card that you have been used to receiving will now be changing to an electronic paperless system only. The I-94 number is the Arrival/Departure Record issued by the CBP whenever you enter the United States. Since a valid I-94 card and entry status is required to ensure that you maintain your F-1 status, please pay close attention to the changes. ISSS recommends that you download and print out your I-94 record EVERY TIME you re-enter the United States.


1. Check Your Passport for an Entry Stamp

 Each time you re-enter the US through Customs you speak to a CBP officer. Before you continue on through the customs area, it is important to look at your passport to make sure that the officer gave you a new ink entry stamp. If you do not have a stamp, request that the CPB officer give you one. If you already left the officer, you may need to go to the Deferred Inspection section of the airport.

Passport Stamp

2. Download & Print Your I-94 

When you can get to a computer, log into the I-94 on-line system and download/ print your I-94 record and keep it with your passport. It is a good idea to save the PDF to your phone as well to have on you at all times.


3. If you are a new international student or scholar

If you are a new student or scholar and need to check in with ISSS, you will need to hand in a copy of the Port of Entry STAMP. Please see our website for Immigration Clearance session dates and times.


Note: CBP will continue to issue paper I-94 records at all land borders (e.g. driving to the U.S. from Canada.)


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