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Did you start your Tenure Box yet?

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Depending on where you are in your trajectory for tenure you might think it’s either too early or too late for this (even the already tenured could call it their full professor or promotion box!), but you know the saying…

A tenure box is not my idea, but I think it is an excellent one, so I’m promoting it here. I first heard about something similar at our spring 2011 tenure preparation workshop, where a faculty member actually suggested a “tenure envelope” but then I read about the box on one of my favorite blogs (“ProfHacker”) and thought you might find it article useful.

Reading through the comments (which provided some additional useful suggestions), one reader mentioned the use of the school’s repository to organize a tenure box. So if you prefer a digital solution, you could use the author pages in selected works (information about it can be found here).

I imagine there are other good tips and sources for tenure preparation, please feel free to share them!

One Comment

  1. May be two decades ago, the box was a good idea. Start a folder in the cloud (Dropbox, googledics, etc) and think of a website/blog as a way of collecting materials and shaping a portfolio with password protected areas too. Check out mine gonzalobacigalupe.com but there are others too.

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