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What is the hardest thing about scholarly writing? Is it

    Getting Started
    Finding Time to Write Daily (forget about big blocks!)
    Revising, Sharing Drafts, or
    Listening to Feedback?

Summertime is thought by many to be the time to finally get a lot of writing done but according to expert sources (in particular, Robert Boice), writing a little everyday (15-30 minutes!) is actually more productive. Summer might be the best time to start implementing this method. One of my favorite blogs (besides this one of course!) is ProfHacker over at the Chronicle of Higher Ed. They have a series called Writers’ Boot Camp and Writers’ Bootcamp (Summer Edition) that are definitely worth the read (you can access the first series through the summer edition).

Faculty Writing Groups
Are any of you part of a faculty writing group that meets regularly? If you are, let me know your thoughts on it and if you aren’t let me know if you are interested in forming one. Also, not first hand but through a faculty development list serve, I heard a couple of people recommend The Academic Writing Club and I’m curious to know if anyone has used it and what they thought. I have read two good reviews.

Writing Discipline
If the key is to write consistently and to track it (supposedly increases productivity exponentially!), what is the key to tracking? I read about a simple spreadsheet that one could make and I did. It is in Excel and very boring but I’ve got an idea for a more exciting tracking method. More to follow.

One Comment

  1. A faculty member in American Studies let me know this, “I recommend The Faculty Success Program, which I use. You can find more information here: http://www.facultydiversity.org/?page=ProgramDescription.

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