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You are invited to make history.

Contributions may be published on the blogsite, Building the World. has been praised by Provost Winston E. Langley as:

Building the World brings to the University of Massachusetts Boston something truly special. We are evolving and we take our intergenerational responsibilities seriously. Those works you have memorialized here are for unending generations.

-Winston E. Langley, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Massachusetts Boston


What: Boston historic landmark or structure (eg: Fenway Park)

Why: Statement concerning reasons structure was planned and built

Who: Key people and organizations in project planning and completion (eg: government, private companies, financiers, community, etc)

Challenges: What were the obstacles, and how overcome?

Success: Why is this structure an iconic part of the City of Boston? Implications? Importance in history?

Founding Document: Original founding document authorizing the work: for example, contract for Fenway Park renovation. Note you must obtain written permission to include this document on the website.

Resources: Please site research resources used.

Voices: Please include two discussion questions to be included on the website.

More? Please visit for examples of successful pages. Email to:

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